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THE HATE CLUB Releases New Single “A Dying Dream”



Industrial musician THE HATE CLUB has released his fearless latest single “A Dying Dream.” 

THC, or the heavy metal artist also known as Alex Poe, was born on the cusp of Chernobyl, and now has his eyes set out on conquering the West. Displaying an early natural gift for music, the guitar served as THC’s primary vessel of musical expression. After a move to the US and setting up base in Los Angeles, the electronic and metal scene played a huge factor in developing The Hate Club’s distorted, take-it-or-leave-it signature sound. Taking a non-negotiable stance on free expression and the DIY aesthetic, The Hate Club took the role of the omniscient creator for his debut album, Principles of Mortality, with all songs having been written, recorded, produced, and engineered by Alex Poe himself. The album, an anxious union of The Hate Club’s raw vocals and psychotic, bipolar musical identity, is expected to release in early 2020.

THC’s rise has not been without resistance, however. In response to critics who mistake his radical artistic freedom for being too confrontational in nature and aggressive in sound, Poe states, “Music serves as a barrier-breaking force of empowerment for the disenfranchised. By means of music we strive to achieve the individual’s catharsis of triumphing over yourself.”

Check it out:

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Lauren Aquino is a contributing writer to Nü Sound Online. UCLA. Born and based in Los Angeles. She loves dairy-free dessert and tweeting at Lorde knowing she will never respond.

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