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The Killers release new single “My Own Soul’s Warning”



The Killers have dropped a couple of singles this year, but our ears have been blessed during this quarantine with a new single, “My Own Soul’s Warning.” Listening to The Killers always gives me a feeling of nostalgia, and this song gives you that same good-feeling you used to get listening to them in high school.

With a slow start that flows into an upbeat melody, lead vocalist Brandon Flowers sings about going against what his soul is telling him about love and the feeling doesn’t sit well with him. No matter how painful the journey is, he wants to end up with the one he loves. Flowers powerfully expresses in the chorus, “Cutting up the nights like a goddamn knife/And it got me thinking no matter how far/I just wanted to get back to where you are.”

With their sixth studio album, Imploding the Mirage, arriving later this year, “My Own Soul’s Warning” is a great preview to The Killers fans of what is in store for them.

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