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The Knocks and MUNA collab on nostalgic track “Bodies”



Electronic duo Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson, also formally known as The Knocks, dropped the longingly nostalgic tune, “Bodies,” with electronic pop band MUNA. This is the second collaboration of 2020 for both The Knocks (following “Get Happy” with Mat Zo and “One Fine Day” with Idris Elba and Tiggs Da Author)  and MUNA (following their remix of “Sunflower” by Dizzy).  

“Bodies” was inspired by the intensified feelings of loneliness, alienation, and desperation that were exceptionally heightened by the pandemic. It’s a song that validates our missing, from missing basement parties, concerts, beach days, or even just hanging out with friends without the necessity of taking the precautions of mask-wearing or social distancing. “Bodies” validates our yearning for the less complicated past; it helps us recognize that we are allowed to long for those simplicities without feeling guilty for doing so. Acknowledgement of the privilege we possess and the necessity toward working for a better, more liberated world, does not erase our nostalgic and despondent thoughts of “what could’ve been.” They are not mutually exclusive, and “Bodies” is an extension of that. 

“It was a great experience teaming up with MUNA to create ‘Bodies,’ We wanted to capture a vibe that was nostalgic,” JPatt says of the collaboration. “Nostalgic for carefree nights and early mornings with your friends. Basement house parties were something we all could relate to.” MUNA agrees. “[It] was born of a nostalgia … for house parties in the suburbs, for school and summer vacations, for being young. Almost instantly, it took on another meaning,” they continued. 

“Normal life had been suspended. We hit pause. We began to miss the unceasing togetherness of touring. We missed one another. The song became about the helplessness and loneliness inherent to this peculiar, terrifying era.”

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