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The National deliver their best on new single “Rylan”



Tomorrow’s the big day. In less than 24 hours the new album from The NationalI Am Easy To Find, will be out in the world. It’s been a relatively short lead-up since the initial announcement, nothing like the months waiting for their last LP Sleep Well Beast. And yet for longtime fans it has felt so much longer. The long form pieces on the band, the special live events, the varied new singles…each incremental bit of news has led us clawing for more. But all of that is nothing compared to the wait we’ve experienced for the studio version of “Rylan.” And today it’s finally, gloriously here.

“Rylan” originally dates back about seven years when the band were in-between albums. They initially debuted it on a live program, with some very sparse arrangements. It sounded incredibly low key, quiet, reserved, and yet it gained a fervent fanbase who ached to hear the fully recorded version (me obviously included). Trouble Will Find Me came and went. Sleep Well Beast came and went. And then last year, they started teasing again. They shared another live version on a radio show. This time it sounded richer, fuller, with big drums and a more swelling arraignment. It had grown up. Earlier this year we got the good news that it would finally be making an appearance in studio form on I Am Easy To Find. And now, finally finally finally, just one day ahead of the album drop, The National have graced us all with the full studio version of the track.

The wait for “Rylan” has been long, but it’s so well worth it. This is easily the best of the four singles they’ve shared from I Am Easy To Find. Although it may not sound quite like the bulk of the album (yes I have heard it in full), there’s still something remarkably special about it. It sounds big, beautiful, quintessentially The National and yet fresh all the same.

So what are you waiting for? Hear it for yourself right down below.

I Am Easy To Find is out tomorrow. Go on and pre-order it already right here.


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