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The OBGMs remix “Outsah” with ‘The Outsah Tape’



Featured Image by Amanda Fotes

Canadian punk trio The OBGMs have released new remixes of their track “Outsah” called The Outsah Tape. The remixes feature NYC-based BIPOC alt-rock-hip hop band Oxymorrons and Chicago-based rapper femdot. with Clairmont The Second.

“’Outsah’ is my favourite song on The Ends,” explained The OBGMS frontman Densil McFarlane. “We invented the remix on this punk shit. Teaming up with heavy hitters Oxymorrons, femdot., and Clairmont The Second is a dream come true.”

Oxymorrons added, “This is the collaboration you didn’t know you needed! It’s NYC meets The 6! This is international Black Punk Rock Rap shit, baby! Enjoy or you can meet us Outsah!”

Check it out:

Stream The Outsah Tape here.

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