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The Soft Underground release new album ‘Anemoia’




NYC-based art rock/alternative duo The Soft Underground have just released their newest album AnemoiaThe band, made up of Andrew McCarty and Charlie Hickey, have put their grunge-era sound through a whirlwind of new instruments and sonic textures. Amidst the traditional guitar and drums, they’ve incorporated synths, flutes, violins, and even pots and pans for a whole new world to explore.

Anemoia is The Soft Underground’s third full-length album, coming just a year after their last one Morning World. As a whole, the project exemplifies what makes the band standouts in the alternative world. Their special knack for world-building and creating undeniably groovy alt jams that color outside traditional rock structures has won them some very high praise from the likes of Alt Nation. And it’s not difficult to see why. Throughout the album’s 9 tight tracks, the duo take your ears on a nostalgic trip, crafting a style that sits comfortably between My Bloody Valentine and The Velvet Underground. The melancholic fuzzy guitar sounds craft a mood of loose jam session, but the interjections of new soundscapes keep things moving into wilder, weirder detours.

The album was recorded at Andrew’s house in Memphis, TN, which perfectly captures the homespun vibe they were going for. Andrew and Charlie built the instrumental arrangements, then brought in guest vocalists Sam Reed and Lisa Mac to flesh out the atmosphere of the songs. And the results amount to all things euphoric, relaxed, and surprising.

Anemoia is available to stream below, and for purchase right over here.


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