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The Steoples release transcendent sophomore album ‘Wide Through the Eyes of No One’



The Steoples are the alternative electric-soul duo of GB (Gifted & Blessed) and Yeofi. Their new album Wide Through the Eyes of No One released on August 6.

The band released five singles in anticipation to the release of Wide Through the Eyes of No One. Among these singles were the funkier jam “Alas Alice” and the electronically vibey “The Good News”

“The album’s title points to presence in the unconditioned mind,” Yeofi said on their label’s website. “It’s those fleeting moments of transcendence that we’ve all experienced but they rarely register. This raw view gives a brief window into the true nature of oneself, pre-identity unconditioned.”

Check out the music video for “The Good News”

Stream Wide Through the Eyes of No One here

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