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The Trusty Snakes debut album ‘New American Frontier’ out now on red cassette



The Trusty Snakes released their debut full length New American Frontier back at the tail-end of May. And now that very album is available on a limited edition red cassette. The release sticks true to the band’s DIY attitude, being made in Canada and put out affordably for all fans to get their hands on it. It also calls back to the band’s initial inception when they were touring members of the punk band The Taxpayers. They picked up a cassette of Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger, which jump-started their obsession into classic country music.

Singer of The Trusty Snakes, Jack Nebraska says:

”We picked up other tapes along the way – Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Loretta Lynn, compilations with varying degrees of quality like Country Gold All Stars. It was a bonding experience, listening to these beautiful, sad American stories.”

All of that informed how and why The Trusty Snakes came to be, as the band realized the remarkable similarities between punk and country music. They wound up merging the ideas into one, and thus the songs on New American Frontier were born. It’s one of the more unique albums you’re likely to hear this year. So do yourself a kind favor and give it a listen down below.

Pick up the red-colored limited cassette of New American Frontier right here.


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