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The Unlikely Candidates on Missing Grandma’s Breakfast




Finding the group of eclectic guys that make up The Unlikely Candidates was quite easy. With long hair and vintage-esque blazers, the guys were hanging outside Charlotte’s Rabbit Hole in quirky Plaza Midwood. Recently releasing their official music video for “Violence”, The Unlikely Candidates have a way of staying noteworthy and exciting throughout the national music scene.



Cait: What have you guys been up to today before the show?

Kyle Morris: I just woke up an hour ago. I’ve done very little except eat the free popcorn inside
the venue.
Jared Hornbeek: Last night we stayed in Athens. I went to bed before we parked and all of a
sudden I heard knocking on the RV door and I was scared someone was kicking us out of the
parking lot. Luckily it was Kyle’s grandma to tell me “Breakfast is ready in 15 minutes. If you
miss it, you’re not getting any!” She made eggs, homemade jelly. It was bomb.

Cait: So how was your recent experience with SXSW?

Kyle Morris: Well, we were No. 1 on Myspace most fans go to see! It was so cool to be atop of that list. SXSW is magical. Beyond the street talk, we’ve had so much success there. We’ve been signed twice
from showcases. Apparently in every article I read, that never happens anymore – so I beg to
differ. It’s happened twice!

Cait: Right on! You’ve got this new EP Bed Of Liars out, what’s it all about?

Kyle Morris: There’s a lot of different stuff that went into that one. It was actually pieced
together in three years. The oldest song on that album is almost three years old. The youngest
is basically a year old. When we were on Atlantic we had a lot of songs we weren’t able to
release and over time it’s just a patchwork of a few different areas of our music. It’s the first
debut of Brent and I’s debut. On the first EP, it was just Cole and I.

Cait: What else do you think has changed with the band in that time?

Kyle Morris: Haircuts… or lack there of. We’ve played so many shows and I think we’ve grown
up a lot. When we were on that first run we were just typical band on the run. We were the
drunk, juvenile children and now we pick our battles slightly better. We’ve grown up and it’s
less about a lifestyle now and more about a job.

Cait: And you’re playing with some big names in May, how excited are you for that?

Kyle Morris: We’re super excited. We’re playing with Kings of Lean two days in a row. I don’t
know how we’re going to befriend them, but we’re going to aggressively do so. We’re coming
after them for friendship.
Kevin Goddard: It’s always exciting to play with Grouplove. They’re a very good live band. Also
Weezer and New Politics.

Cait: Who’s been your favorite band to tour with?

Kyle Morris: Blue October is always fun. They’re good guys. Just really friendly and they put so
much passion into their music. We also did a few dates with Fall Out Boy. Just thousands of
screaming teenagers and it was nuts.

Cait: On the tour topic, what’s been your favorite venue to play at?

Kyle Morris: We really like the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs. We just played there a couple
of weeks ago. It’s just a very rock & roll venue. It has fantastic sound too. Every time we go
there we’re hugging the sound guy, staff and management.


Later, I would learn they were foosball aficionados who would whoop my ass. I would like to propose they rename themselves “The Unlikely Foosball Professionals”. Looking at you, Brent. Make sure to check out The Unlikely Candidates on Spotify and the rest of their socials! 

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