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Tia Gostelow narrates gaslighting in new single “Psycho”



Tia Gostelow is a 20-year-old Australian artist with determination running through her veins.

Tia Gostelow’s latest track “Psycho” narrates the singer’s own experiences with gaslighting in relationships. Featuring jangly guitars, infectious melodies and warm vocals, “Psycho” is a relatable anthem for a generation that often struggles with this form of manipulation. The artwork behind “Psycho” matches an ’80s slasher film aesthetic mixed with a doll-like portrait, under today’s stylistic fonts and colors, further tying together a downfall of a quickly spiraling partnership.



She confides, “I constantly thought I was the issue, that everything was my fault and I kept apologizing for things that I later realised weren’t my fault at all. I feel like when you are in these circumstances, sometimes it feels like you’re going insane, I felt like I was turning into this psycho person and it seemed like nobody else saw where I was coming from.”

photos by Jeff Andersen


Tia has toured Europe and played major festivals in Australia, supporting the likes of Gomez, Frightened Rabbit, Lewis Capaldi, The Rubens, Ball Park Music and Boy & Bear. TIA GOSTELOW has received over 15 million Spotify streams to date.



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