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TikTok star Eliza McLamb releases new track “Debt”



Featured Image by Noah Morse

With over 230,000 followers on TikTok amassing 7.4 million views, the soft indie pop-infused sound of singer-songwriter Eliza McLamb emanates with her fresh track “Debt.” Mclamb’s newest single, featured on her forthcoming debut EP, captures the delicate fusion of heartbreakingly stirring lyrics and silkened vocals. The up-and-coming North Carolina native will undoubtedly play with your heartstrings in “Debt” as well as her other streaming single “ghosts.” 

McLamb shares the meaning behind her enthralling new single:

“Debt” is for anyone who has experienced the anti-climactic, petered out heartbreak of realizing that the person you’re dating does not want to be with you. It occurs to you, in small ways and over time, that you are not as important to this person as you hoped you were. The dissonance makes you nauseous — how much you’ve misinterpreted for so long. You’ve given in ways that the other person never planned on returning. You feel, as incorrect as it is, that you are owed something. An explanation, a do-over, a breakup where both people are sad about it. But the universe gives you none of those things and leaves you, chain smoking at the edge of the tidal basin, to realize that you cannot possibly try to ask of someone what they are unwilling to give.

Check out the enamoring Live Session of “Debt”:

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