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TPT begins ‘MN Hardcore’ documentary web series



Compiled by David Roth, the 7 part web series ‘Minnesota Hardcore’ is taking a look at the punk and hardcore scene in Minneapolis in the early 80s. Following the bands playing at venues like the Longhorn and First Ave and 7th Entry, Roth interviews musicians, bartenders, fans, and others to draw a picture of the music’s moment from those that gave it its energy. The likes of Hüsker Dü, The Suburbs, USSA, The Suicide Commandos are mentioned in the first episodes.

David Roth says of the series, “If one theme emerges, it’s that of participation. The hardcore scene allowed anyone to form a band, publish a fanzine, put on a show, do whatever they wanted. And to be clear, a scene is more than just the music; it must have personalities, shared traditions, common enthusiasm, attitudes and opinions.”

The series is on its second episode, but check it out from the beginning:

MN Hardcore, Episode 1: Backstory

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