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Vampire Weekend share video for “This Life”



Just a couple of weeks back saw the release of Vampire Weekend’s newest album Father Of The Bride. Since then, everyone’s pretty much gotten their opinion out there. And it looks as though people have been fairly divided over it (I for one love it). But regardless of your feelings, the important fact remains that these guys are still making some incredibly well constructed, and incredibly catchy music. For evidence of that, look no further than “This Life,” which today gets the official video treatment.

“This Life” was one of the six pre-released songs from FOTB. At the time, it seemed like a good candidate for the next big single, and it turns out that it is. Amidst the 90s-era throwback sounds, what the track brings to the table is something undoubtedly ready to get completely lodged in your head. And although it sounds summery and pleasant, the lyrics tell a different story, which is a running juxtaposition throughout the record. All of that construction makes the song a compelling listen, albeit not necessarily the best or even most upbeat thing on the album.

The video keeps it relatively sparse, consisting of black and white footage, mostly of a road trip. But as is the case with the other two songs that got videos, there are some neat cameo appearances. So give it a watch down below and see if you can spot the guests. Or just enjoy the ride.

Father Of The Bride is out now. And no matter how many times you’ve listened to it, you could probably stand to hear it some more. For that, I’ll point you right here for streaming and over here to buy a physical copy.


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