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Vegyn shares laid back ‘Like a Good Old Friend’



Joe Thornalley, the British DJ and Producer known as Vegyn, shared his latest EP Like a Good Old Friend this past week. The record digs into laid back combinations of conversational samples, synth, and hazy production. The 6 song, 23 minute EP is a testament to the emotional weight of the past year through its embrace of melancholy and reflection. 

The EP features two collaborations. The first, on the track “I See You Sometimes, sees Vegyn team up with East London rapper and hip hop artist, Jeshi. Vegyn distorts Jeshi’s vocals for a bubbly and experimental sound that is Vegyn at his most dynamic. John Glacier also joins Vegyn on the track “So Much Time – So Little Time. A creeping and melancholy addition to the record, John Glacier adds her ethereal vocals for a woozy sound. 

The record’s cover art makes reference to the tower card in tarot. Representing a process of change and liberation, Like a Good Old Friend channels this change into a new era for the artist. The EP is the first full length work we’ve heard from Vegyn since 2019’s Diamonds Only Cut Diamonds and the 71 song record from the same year, Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God!, and the first record since the artist’s relocation to Los Angeles this past fall.  

Like a Good Old Friend’s cover art: 

Track listing: 

  1. I See You Sometimes (feat. Jeshi) 
  2. Like A Good Old Friend 
  3. So Much Time – So Little Time (feat. John Glacier)
  4. B4 The Computer Crash 
  5. Mushroom Abolitionist 
  6. Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Ruining Songs 

Stream the album here. 

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