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Victims of Circumstance announce fifth album ‘FIVE’



Victims of Circumstance have announced their fifth studio album. Appropriately title FIVE, the album will be released January 24th, 2020 via Financial Records.

According to the band, the new album takes influence from multiple genres as opposed to strictly ska and punk like fans may be used to.

“I think early on as a band, we were trying to be one thing – a punk and ska band,” said drummer Glenn Stewart. “When it came time to write the fifth album, we didn’t want to do that. There wasn’t any specific direction. In the end, we all feel like we’ve achieved a bigger, more mature sound that still has that great VOC flavor.”

“Our sound has evolved over the years and we’re drifting more into becoming a band that just plays kickass music with ska elements,” added saxophonist Jay Atheney. “This new album definitely sounds like us, but we didn’t set out to ‘make a ska album’ and I think that shows.”

victims of circumstance five

FIVE Track List

1. Sober
2. Tonight We’re Getting Loud
3. The X
4. Involuntary
5. Aggravated
6. Obey the Rules
7. Enemy
8. Quit Looking for the Win (Vinnie Owes Us a Solid)
9. Never Have I Ever
10. Roll The Dice
11. The Edge
12. Ready to Go

Want to catch the band live? You’re in luck (if you’re in Florida). The band has two Florida shows coming up in November.

11.09   Ybor City, FL @ The Attic
11.29   St. Petersburg, FL @ 3 Daughters Brewing

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