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VIOLENT LIFE VIOLENT DEATH forthcoming EP ‘The Color Of Bone’ boasts an enormous noise



From Innerstrength Records comes The Color Of Bone, the devastating forthcoming EP from Charlotte, North Carolina-based metallic hardcore outfit, VIOLENT LIFE VIOLENT DEATH.


violent life violent death


Amassing years of dark exploration, wading through depths of past and present metal influences,  Violent Life Violent Death emerge brandishing a hulking, eerie sound in their newest EP The Color Of Bone. Remaining consistent in the band’s staple-hardcore sounds builds the concrete foundation which this five-piece uses to build this hauntingly baneful EP (due October 30th), heard in latest single of duality “Roseblade”.



Following VLVD 2019’s EP Sadness Rains, the band offers “In The Color Of Bone we wanted to expand on the darker elements we experimented with from our previous album, Sadness Rains, with a bit more of a punch.” With five new tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kyle Dameron at Rareform Recordings in Hickory, North Carolina, the record was completed with photos by Justin Driscoll, art by Justin Campbell, and layout by Mark De Gruchy.

Innerstrength Records will release The Color Of Bone on CD and through all digital providers on October 30th. Find preorders HERE.



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