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Walk in BabyJake’s shoes as he kicks off another chapter



This theme of partying and coming down, of love and regret, of anger and frustration, is a crucial part of his music. Herring’s perceptiveness is what makes him a good songwriter and is a common theme throughout his music.


When plans to hit the road changed in early 2020, BabyJake hit the studio to finish and release his debut EP, Don’t give me problems, give me wine— a seven song collection that jumps from exuberant alt-pop to moody folk, and even includes a psychedelic digression on substance abuse. Lyrical Lemonade called it “an exceptional project filled with engaging sounds and narratives, from unbreakable love, altitude euphoria, soured infatuation, and heartwarming bliss.”

BabyJake begins his next chapter and continues to master his eccentric, yet distinctive, alt-rock sound with his latest southern jingle “Daddy’s Coming Home”.




Get ready to walk in BabyJake’s shoes as he kicks off another chapter.



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