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Warped Tour Spotlight: Attila



Party Metal/ Rock & Roll band Attila performed at the PNC Music Pavilion as part of the 2017 Vans Warped Tour. Peep their Instagram here.

Attila have turned “party metal” into a bona fide art form. Formed in 2005, they’ve continually clawed their way towards heavy music domination. In addition to being a headliner on Warped Tour 2014 and touring alongside everybody from Suicide Silence to Asking Alexandria and Memphis May Fire, these mayhem mavens have sold over 100,000 records to date. They’re preaching a new kind of gospel too…

“Our generation is killing rock ‘n’ roll by writing all of this pussy-ass music,” he leaves off. “This kind of music is about breaking the rules and pushing the limits.”

That’s what Attila has done and we will continue to do.

Photos by Leo Arroyo. Check out his Instagram and Twitter.


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