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Watch Khruangbin’s Tiny Desk Concert



Khruangbin released a low-key genius album back in January called Con Todo El Mundo. The LP follows up their 2015 album The Universe Smiles Upon You, and mostly doubles-down on its slick, understated grooves. The new album is almost like a world-traveling sound collage, picking up sounds from Spain, Ethiopia, and the Middle East. It’s a mostly instrumental affair, featuring easily digestible jams that range from funk to jazz. But to throw this into the background-music bin misunderstands the power of its entrancing arrangements.

Well, now to further underscore how captivating Khruangbin are we have the most recent video from NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. The trio slide glide through 3 tracks, with one featuring vocals prominently. It’s a refreshing, breezy, tight set that you definitely deserve to see. Head right here to watch the entire thing in full.

You should also pick up Khruangbin’s new LP Con Todo El Mundo here.


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