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Watch Mike Mills and The National’s new short film ‘I Am Easy To Find’



This Friday, The National will be releasing their newest album I Am Easy To Find. Thus far, the band have shared three diverse new songs from the project, as well as played the album in full live. Although we don’t have another new single,or an early album stream, there’s still good news to report. For today the band have dropped the companion piece short film, also titled I Am Easy To Find.

Right alongside the initial album announcement came another announcement, which was that there was to be a short film directed by Mike Mills to go hand-in-hand with the album. However, both Mills and The National have made it very clear that the album is not a soundtrack for the film and the film is not an extended music video for the album. In essence,  both should stand alone, yet be experienced as companions.

Mills has further elaborated, stating:

”The National gave me the stems for their songs, some were sketches some were finished and encouraged and allowed me to create my own versions of the songs to score the film. The album then features different versions of these same seven songs—and nine new songs which sometimes refer to the themes, texts, ideas from the film—but are their own work, their own piece of art.”

The film I Am Easy To Find is a moving, low key work that is essentially a snapshot of a person’s entire life. That person is Alicia Vikander, who plays the central character throughout all of the phases of her life. It’s nice on its own for sure, but it also perhaps provides us with a bit more insight into what we can expect from the upcoming album. While we wait to hear it in full, watch the entire short film down below. Additionally, head right here to check out a recent Q&A video as well as two different commentary tracks for the film (one with Mike Mills, the other with Matt Berninger and his wife Carin Besser).

The album I Am Easy To Find is out this Friday. Pre-order it now.


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