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We Come For Tour Recap @ The Fillmore Charlotte




The second leg of Periphery’s aptly named headline run “We Come For Tour” passed through Charlotte, NC this past Friday night with support from instrumentalist acts Plini and Arch Echo in support of their 2019 release Periphery IV: Hail Stan. Performing to a packed house at The Fillmore, the bands were certainly not the only ones who came for tour, as the 2,000 capacity venue was quickly filled before the first act had even finished. Periphery have made an enormous name for themselves over their past 15 years as a band and are regarded as highly influential across the underground metal scene, particularly among the progressive & metalcore subgenres. Having quickly gained traction with their 2010 LP debut Periphery, the 5-piece has only climbed the ladder with each successive release, garnering them an ever-increasing audience that has propelled the band to the forefront of modern metal.

Periphery is well-known for defying any preconceived notions or expectations of what should be done with their music, never showing a hint of compromise and for doing exactly what the band has wanted to do. With that being said, they are no longer tied to a label and have as much freedom as they desire. This is evident not only in their studio recordings and music videos but in their live shows as well. As the lights dimmed and the intro track started up, it became clear that the crowd would be in for a treat over the next 17 mins. Periphery had indeed pulled the ultimate power move and started off with PIV album-opener, Reptile, the band’s longest song to date. While this surely sounds like an insane decision to make to those unfamiliar with their music, and probably even to those who are, the set introduction was received quite well, as the song’s atmosphere transitions between the soothing, tranquil melody and beefy, bludgeoning heavy goodness that the band are quite adept at, leaving nary a dull moment to be experienced. Periphery pulled out all the stops here, mesmerizing the audience with an immaculate light show and a fierce stage presence, proving that you don’t need to be a statue on-stage in order to perform intricate, technically-challenging music. The rest of the band’s set consisted of a few fan-favorites and leading singles such as “Scarlet,” “Blood Eagle, and “Marigold.”

However, with three songs left in the band’s set, it was evident that Spencer Sotelo’s voice was not holding up well, and as such, he announced that he would need to remain offstage for the remainder of the band’s performance in order to prevent doing any further damage to his voice and that the band would be performing instrumentally for the remainder of the tour. Periphery closed out their set without Sotelo, performing “It’s Only Smiles,” “Psychosphere,” and “Blood Eagle” instrumentally. Despite this, guitarists Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen only ramped up their stage presence, running and bounding across the stage, joking around with each other, and giving fans something to focus their attention on with Sotelo’s absence on stage. All things considered, the band put on a hell of a show and will certainly come back around to crush it once more, hopefully with a fully-healed Sotelo, and with absent guitarist Mark Holcomb returning as well.

Periphery’s sixth full-length album Periphery IV: Hail Stan was self-released on April 5th, 2019 via 3DOT Recordings and is available now on their webstore!


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