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We The Commas talk social injustice with “The RZN”



Featured Image by Omar Guerra

After releasing their debut EP SARB at the end of October, San Diego-based We the Commas are back with a new single “The RZN. The new track finds the band of brothers voicing their feelings on social injustice and the Black Lives Matter.

The band’s poem reads: “In actuality, in history, it’s true we’ve always been oppressed and it’s the reason why I get depressed and the reason why I’m a mess… sadness ain’t an option so I hope that you’ll take a stand. Oh yes, I’m singing to the heavens, if you hear me God, take my hand. God, if you’re in the sky, I think the world is on fire. I don’t wanna grow old, I don’t wanna deal with this no more – people looking at me like I’m dangerous, can’t you just see what’s in my heart? Maybe that’s too much to ask? … Can’t you just let me be? Freedom ain’t so free today…”

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