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Wilco play hide and seek in new video for single “Everyone Hides”



Wilco have just shared the second single from their upcoming new album Ode To Joy with “Everyone Hides.” The eleventh studio album from the band is set to be released on October 4 via dBpm Records (their own label). Previously, they shared the excellent, low-key lead single “Love Is Everywhere (Beware).” That track certainly seemed to be continuing in the easy-going atmosphere of most late-career Wilco tunes, and “Everyone Hides” merely doubles down on that notion. But still, it’s a pretty fantastic song in its own right.

With the back-to-back releases of 2015’s Star Wars and 2016’s Schmilco, it became clear that Wilco were done trying to make any grand, serious album statements. And once you put that out of your head as a listener, it becomes easier to get into the vibe Wilco were going for. Because at their heart, all members are still incredibly great musicians whose formation as a unit really blossoms even on the subtler stuff from those albums. Also, Jeff Tweedy is still one of the finest lyricists working, so regardless of the high or low stakes on Wilco albums he still brings his all to the table. With hushed tones, catchy choruses, and an easy-going presence, “Everyone Hides” more or less confirms that Wilco are perfectly happy to be settled down.

Along with the single release, Wilco have also dropped a video for “Everyone Hides,” which takes a fairly literal interpretation of the lyrics. It opens with the band performing the song in their practice space/recording studio and then abruptly stops so the band can scatter to play a wide-reaching game of hide and seek. It’s light, funny, and generally pleasing to watch. Which could also be said of much of this later period Wilco we’ve been getting.

And now that we’re two singles in, I think it’s safe to say that if you enjoyed SchmilcoOde To Joy will probably please you. So while we count down the days till its release…

Check out the video and digital single for “Everyone Hides” below.


Pre-order Ode To Joy right here.


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