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Wonho, Losing You Wonho, Losing You

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Wonho returns with “Losing You”



Wonho, a singer from South Korea, has just made his debut with his English-language single “Losing You” on August 13.

After leaving the Korean boy group Monsta X, Wonho signed on with Highline Entertainment earlier this year. He was rumored to be debuting after late August, but released his single “Losing You” concurrently with its music video this past week. His first mini album, Love Synonym: Right for me, will be released on September 4.

“Losing You” is a soft, simple piano ballad much unlike Wonho’s work with Monsta X’s dance music. But it fits his vocals perfectly, as does its sparse black-and-white music video that pops every so often with color.

The song is a gorgeous, victorious comeback that Wonho told Elite Daily is dedicated to his fans, who he says are “the biggest love [he’s] had, and [he] would ever have.”

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