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WSHH releases exclusive music video for “B.L.M.” by Roney



Worldstar Hip Hop recently released an exclusive music video for the song “B.L.M.” by up-and-coming artist Roney.

Based in Toronto, Roney provides us a very intimate connection to his experience with racism and police brutality. The lyrics cry out “They said I ain’t experience shit ‘cause I’m in Canada, are you dumb? Man, this shit, it wasn’t adding up,” leaking frustration toward the fact that some disregard the experience of racism and police brutality against the Black community as universal.

WSHH provides Roney a chance to dedicate his raw track and artistry to the Black Lives Matter movement, candidly speaking up about the racial injustice experienced all around the world, even in countries deemed safe. He sings “They ain’t find shit, but they beat me in the head; then they told me I’ll be lying on a bench dead.

With the video also being directed by Roney, this track and visual paint a clear picture on his stand toward this movement. His passion and talent leak through with unedited realism and clear hard-hitting beats. Hopefully we will get to see Roney produce more passionate appeals in the future to stand for his community as the rest of the world continues to do the same.

Watch the exclusive video for “B.L.M.”:

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Kira Proctor is a recent UCLA Communications graduate with a passion for music and live events. In yearning for creative expressions, she has seen over 100 bands live, hosted her own radio show, and worked with companies such as Girlie Action Media, TEDx, and GeekRockTV in PR, Marketing, and Journalism. Kira lives her life searching for the next piece of entertainment that she can help develop.

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