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WYLDE shines with first EP ‘CASTLES’



Featured Image by Nick Corbett 

Los Angeles-based dream-pop singer Kristina Corbett aka WYLDE released her debut EP CASTLES. The five-track EP captures a glimmered heatwave of mellowed sensation.

WYLDE speaking on her newest EP reflects:

This project means so much to me. These 5 songs are my introspective collection of realizations, discoveries, and lessons i’ve learned over the past couple years. It’s been over a decade since I made the decision that I would wholeheartedly dedicate my entire life to music & the pursuit of my childhood dream blazing inside of me. It’s taken some time to be able to put out a full body of work like this and the truth is it’s because I will never rush putting music or lyrics into the world that don’t stir my soul and come from an authentic place of creation. These songs are straight from my soul to you. To me this EP represents self transformation, awakening, hope, growth and just celebrating being alive.

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