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XIXA’s new release “May They Call Us Home”



Featured Image by Puspa Lohmeyer

XIXA, a rock n roll musical group based in Tuxon, Arizona recently dropped their new single “May They Call Us Home” available amongst most streaming platforms.

XIXA draws inspiration from their Latin roots and Southwest lifestyle to curate their unique sound. The group’s unreleased album ‘Genesis’, available for pre-order and debuting on February 19th of 2021, illuminates the ethereal qualities of the Earth, revealing primal instincts as seekers of adventure. In FLOOD magazine’s recent partnership with the group, member Gabriel Sullivan describes the new single as “…bringing mysticism and spiritual consciousness together with the earth”.

Collaborating with Jullian Records to produce their bilingual album, XIXA teases their audience with a taste of what’s to come through their music video for “May They Call Us Home”. The production exhibits the members journeying through the desert as guitar plays lightly and calming vocals transition into the English-Spanish upbeat single.

Watch the music video for “May They Call Us Home” here:

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