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Your Persona talk origin story, new music



Lets start with the bands beginnings, how did you all meet and where does the name originate from? 
I am Matt, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Jeremy (drums) and I met in high school and had three members come and go before we found our current line up in 2013. We all graduated from Hammonton High School. Jose, our bassist, enjoyed our music and would come to shows. At one show, we were supposed to play and the bassist and current guitarist quit that day. I made that announcement at the show, and ended up performing acoustically. Jose was there and immediately came up to us after and asked to try out.

He had a friend named Tyler who he thought would be a good fit also. Ever since then, we have been inseparable. The name originated kind of randomly, and I can thank my Spanish teacher in high school for that. I would play guitar in the hall way in school and make songs up on the fly as people would walk by. My teacher loved it and asked me to play the World Language Dinner.

A friend and I threw some songs together and the name for our little project came to me randomly. I thought “Your Persona” because the music describe who I was as a person in a way, it was my persona. And our music can be interpreted in any way by any one when they apply the message or meaning to their own life. What started off as a project turned into a band along the line. With some speed bumps here and there.. and other bands starting and ending in between, we managed to hold on to the name.

With the experience the band has gone through how have you all bonded and gotten stronger? How has it effected the music you make?
Well, to say the least, I (Matt) have been through the ringer in the last few years with my health. At 14, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Since the band got together, Ive been in and out of the hospital regularly. Over the years, it became routine to deal with, but we had to cancel shows, tours, etc. from 2014-16, I dealt with testicular cancer.

That was when we as a band came together so close, I can’t imagine being without them in this. Many bands just play music together and that is where the relationship ends. With us, we are all brothers. Although it took many dark times to get there, there are positives in every situation. The support of my band, friends and family got me through my hardest struggles. Without the band, I would have no one aide me in sharing my story.. OUR story.. and no way to channel mine/our emotions.

A lot of the music written during that period did cover the emotions we were dealing with at the time. We still tap into all the emotions and experiences we went through to this day. All of that has helped us perceiver through things that would have been really serious issues, but comparatively now, are nothing. Our whole EP “Metastatic” highlights that dark time.

What is the premise of the video for “Hate is a Strong Word?”
“Hate is a Strong Word” tells two separate stories of four peoples lives that all intersect at the end, in really negative ways because of hate. The song is about how nothing good ever comes from hate. Hate damages lives and can often cause people to react without thinking first. That being said, you’ll be able to put it all together in your own way by taking a look yourself and making your own interpretation!

What was it like working with Ace Enders on the track?
We have been working with Ace for the last few years actually. He has been our mentor for awhile now. Since our last EP “When in Limbo”, Ace has been there alongside us to watch us grow. Ace was also there during the whole cancer mishap and performed at Matt’s cancer benefit.

Working with Ace (and Nik of ManOverboard) was a really humbling and awesome experience, every time. He is always pushing us to be the best we can be. Amidst the thousands of stories and lessons we’ve learned, one thing we can say is that if you walk into The Lumberyard and think your songs are as good as they can be, Ace will show you that they can always be better… way better.

What are the plans for the back half of 2018?
Our plan for the back half of this year is to keep pushing the best we can. We are sitting on a lot of songs which we would say are the best we’ve written so far. We plan on touring a lot as well! Keep and eye out for more videos, tunes, and show announcements!

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