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Zack Cokas shares new rap cut “Pharmacy”



North Carolina up-and-comer Zack Cokas has unveiled his new single “Pharmacy” off his upcoming project Warhol.

Cokas had this to say about the new track:

PHARMACY is my best way of coping with my newfound dependence on prescription medicine for my OCD/anxiety/depression. When Andy Warhol was residing in NYC his creative space was referred to as “the factory.” I relate strongly to Warhol’s artistic struggles and his willingness to open his factory to any creative— regardless of the size of their following or their nationality. It was all about helping these artists discover self-belief. For the visual concept of PHARMACY, I wanted to merge the factories of Warhol and Willy Wonka, ultimately creating a whimsical dreamscape where children can find easy solutions to their problems with prescription pills. As a kid, Willy Wonka was one of my favorite movies (both the OG and Johnny Depp versions). I always wanted to visit Wonka’s factory and experience the overstimulation that came with all the saturated colors and candies. The truth is, while Warhol’s Pharmacy cannot solve all of one’s problems, it can be the first step in dealing with one’s inner demons. I want to portray Warhol’s Pharmacy to be a one-stop shop where problems can be solved after one prescription… as this is the commonly believed but false narrative surrounding prescription medicine in our culture— especially in the stories told on TV and in film.

Check it out:

Stream the track here.

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